A little bit about me

Hi bloggers! I want you guys to know a little more about me other than my weekly blog posts! My name is Tiffani Colacurcio, I am a freshman studying at Florida State University. I am currently a psychology major but plan to get my masters in Education. Why am I not studying education now you ask? Well, I am from Connecticut, yeah a long ways away, and I find it easier to hold off and study education in Graduate School. I plan to teach in Connecticut or New York in elementary education, so I did not want to go through Florida certification and then have to get certified all over again for a different state. So, I do plan on teaching elementary education, specifically k-3, but I am waiting to be certified for my home state so I can moved back home and work up north. Aside from wanting to teach I am just enjoying my first year of college here in florida, I enjoy spending much time outside (I mean this weather is SO much better than back home) and I like trying new things with my friends. I am outgoing and friendly and am pretty much up for anything! Well thats me!


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