Farewell Fellow Bloggers!

I have never been a fan of excel and even after this weeks assignment I still feel that there is much work that I can do to improve on my skills. I struggled with the IF function, making sure that my wording of the equation was correct and it translated correctly to the excel worksheet. Also, when I had to replace the weather temperatures with words I was able to make a separate column with the words, but could not put them in the physical place of the numerical temperatures. I found that part of excel a bit challenging. Also, I am a very visual learning so I like making my worksheets very organized and colorful, which excel helps me to do very easily. I like the organizational quality Excel gives me and it keeps my information in order. I can see myself using excel to keep my students grades in order, but nothing past that extent.

After looking through my classmate’s blogs I would like to look into Prezi and Schoology. I had never heard of schoology before and they provide you with many helpful tools in teaching. Also, I have been exposed to Prezi before, but have not really had an opportunity to really play around with it and use it for lessons. I think Prezi’s are like Powerpoints but with more animation and interaction. I would also like to learn more about Excel since I am not confident in my skills with it yet and want to be able to use it to my advantage.

For myself personally, incorporating technology into my future career is definitely possible but a bit challenging. I want to work with elementary students, primarily k-3. These grades can definitely benefit from educational games, interactive power points, videos and peripherals such as posters all around the classroom, but I also believe that younger grades should not be exposed to too much education. I really enjoy the idea of using social media and teacher website in a classroom, but those are tools that would not be appropriate for my age group of students. I will try to incorporate technology appropriate for my level of teaching in my future career, but I think I will run into more obstacles than a teaching with less limits on what their students can be exposed to.

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