Can you excel in the Excel program?

Peripherals and non-computer technology can easily be incorporated into classrooms through diagrams, posters, CD’s and even items on a teacher’s desk. Non-technological peripherals often times allow kids to physically interact with them, by seeing them in 3D and being able to touch and explore them. In a classroom I would think to use audiotapes along with the books we are reading in class and using pictures and posters to incorporate visuals into my lessons. Also, I’ve learned that powerpoints can be turned into fun and educational games and journeys to teach my students.

The web-based resource I would use in a classroom is here! The website is called commtechlab and it provides teachers with many different ways to get their students involved in the classroom. It provides you with links to virtual field trips, collaborative work assignments, research, kids corner and other educational resources to use. When you first look at the website it seems a little childish with its creativity element but it has references to many teachers and websites that shows its credibility. The appearance could be a bit more professional but the sources provided are very useful.

This website also provides you with small reviews of each website provided and gives you appropriate age groups for the site and certain highlights of its information. This website can provide teachers with a bases for websites to use in different lesson types and assignments. This resource can be used be only the teacher or the teacher can recommend certain websites found on it to their own students so they can use them outside of the classroom. I would recommend this website to new teachers who are having trouble trying to figure out where and how to get started with lesson plans and activities for their students.

Excel will be helpful for me in a classroom to organize all my grades. It allows you to input grades, calculate averages, and add curves. It would be simple and allow you to do grades neatly without mixing them up or entering them wrong. Excel allows you to see any calculations and formulas used to come up with the numbers shown in the spreadsheet. Excel would mainly be an organization tool for my grades and other information. It is helpful to keep track of items and allows you to manipulate. Excel, although intimidating at first can help you get a lot more organized with your numbers/info.

After working on PowerPoint this week I learned how to make interactive storybooks and properly functioning quiz questions. The interactive story would be a great teaching tool for young students who can become a part of the lesson. I am not able to effectively connect slides through action buttons. Before this lesson I did not realize you could order a PowerPoint to go to whichever slide you’d like based on specific buttons. I found these very helpful in creating my story with questions. I found the lesson fairly easy to complete once I learned how to connect my slides, the only thing I do not like about making powerpoints is that they are time consuming when you are trying to make them creative, colorful and organized. I definitely plan to use PowerPoint for interactive quizzes with my class in the future.

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4 thoughts on “Can you excel in the Excel program?

  1. Your powerpoint was very creative and extremely interactive. Using powerpoint to create a story book is a great way for students to become active/interactive with reading and learning. I also think that using audiotapes for students to listen to the story while following along is a great way for student to learn new words and how to pronounce them as well as give them the opportunity to listen to someone else’s voice besides the teachers.


  2. I hadn’t thought about using cd’s in the classroom, but that’s a great idea!! I also thought your interactive powerpoint was awesome!! I bet kids would think it a lot of fun to learn from.


  3. I loved your Finding Nemo powerpoint! It was a great interactive way to get students to learn about the ocean while enjoying a well-known storyline. Also, I enjoyed learning about your commtechlab educational resource and hope to use it in the future.


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