Web Hunt? I thought you said Egg Hunt!

Being a student now I feel that I will be very capable and willing to use technology as much as I can when I become a teacher. I have teachers now who can barely use a smart board and their lack of knowledge for technology really slows the learning process. Being a student now, I am able to adapt quicker to new technologies so when I am a teacher I can take advantage of them fully and really get the most out of it for myself and my students, so they can learn better as well. I would definitely incorporate my twitter and blog into my teaching; it will allow my students to be on a more personal level with me while still learning. It will be an easy way to interact with them and teach them. Kids have their heads glued to their phones nowadays so rather than trying to pry them away and put a book in front of their face we can adapt and teach them through instagram and twitter, the two social media cites they spend a majority of their time on. I’d flood their newsfeeds with information so it can be ignored. I would love to use podcasts to teach my kids and further my own skills as a teacher, I can learn what works and what doesn’t. Finally I think I would use technology to help me become more creative in the classroom, whether that be decorating, fun ways to teach an activity, or organizing materials. Technology, along with helping me reach out to my students and connect with them, will allow me to improve my own skills and become a very resourceful teacher.

Having website evaluations is a great way for teachers and parents to help young students identify good resources because you are providing the basic things to look for in a website. If the evaluation is set up like a check list it can almost be made into a searching game, parents/teachers can shows kids how to look through websites to be able to find certain aspects that show if its good or not. Also, teachers can have lessons that focus more on the difference between a reliable and unreliable source for their students rather than just telling them to avoid specific websites because they aren’t accurate, show them why! Parents can also help their kids find good Internet resources when they have book reports, essays, or take home tests. They can guide them and help them to find trustworthy resources. Parents can monitor their kids Internet use and make use it is as accurate as possible so their kid can learn. Knowing good Internet resources is a very important skill because if students were not taught what to use and what not to they would be using random information that could be made up. They would not learn properly and could not complete assignments correctly. Various tasks outside of school also required a child to be able to se if something is reliable or not, so this skill will help them outside of school along with school assignments.

After working on Web Hunt this week I think that I am better at Google! I learned a lot of shortcuts to search for things, such as whether or not your looking for a PDF file or want to exclude a specific website in your search. I think that a majority of the information I found for the assignment was correct but there were still times that I searched a question directly rather than trying a different approach. I have used Google Scholar in the past and found it helpful in this assignment. I think I can improve by really thinking about what it is I am searching for and the best and most direct route for me to find that information.

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5 thoughts on “Web Hunt? I thought you said Egg Hunt!

  1. Web evaluations are an easy way for teachers to monitor the sources of which the students are getting their information. These evaluations also help the teacher point out what information the students are using is reliable and what is fake. Students are growing up in a time where technology is everywhere and doing activities such as web evaluations helps the students learn how to use this plethora of information correctly.


  2. I love that your titles are so creative! It really intrigues the reader! I think that Web evaluations help students to see if the website is legitimate or not. I really like how you wrote about parents getting involved! I think that as a teacher, you have to make sure that parents are present in the learning process!


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  4. I agree with you that technology will be an easy way to be more creative in the classroom. I cannot wait for the day I can start using all the pins I have on Pinterest that are for fun lesson plans or activities for my students!


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