Internet Based Research

There are plenty of web-based resources that I could use to help me further my students’ education and make it easier for them to learn. Examples of these web-based resources may be online newspaper that my students can explore to see the new from the past and present, both in our country and others as well. Also, I would use educational games and virtual tours that I can use to help my students learn and interact in a fun way. Web-based resources can be very fun for kids and also keep them learning throughout the entire process.

I think that the Internet should be used to support student research along with other resources. Of course teacher would still want to stick to going to a library and teaching their students how to find information through books. Today in this day you can find books online through your computer, FSU’s library has online databases that don’t even require you to leave your bed to find books and resources. I know as a college student I am constantly using the Internet to research much more than any other resource. The Internet contains a vast amount of information that is relatively easy to access if you know how to look for it. A downside to Internet research is the fact that not all website are credible, Wikipedia for example may have information that is correct but people have the ability to go in and change things making them inaccurate. This is a downfall of research.

I have always referred to Google to research for school ever since middle school and still use it today at FSU. I have learned different ways that have made my searches more accurate and effective throughout this week’s module. Citing my information was never a necessity unless a teacher required a work cited or bibliography, any other time I did not care. I did not know Creative Commons was even a thing before this week. I think it is a good way to share your information allowing you to have restrictions and boundaries. I use my research as reference and only copy word for word if I am quoting correctly. After hearing about Creative Commons I will be more aware of who I am giving credit to and the sources I come upon during internet research.

Working with Inspiration was a completely new experience for me. I had never used concept maps and diagrams myself, although I had seen then used in classroom throughout the years. I think it is a great way for teachers and students to organize their thoughts onto an aesthetically appealing visual. As a visual learner myself concept maps really help me to get an idea of what I am learner and I can relate the information back to the images/graphics. I plan to use concept maps in my own classroom down the line, but I want to better prepare myself before hand. I think playing around with the program and exploring the graphics and different design ideas will help to me improve.

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5 thoughts on “Internet Based Research

  1. Tiffani,

    Even with all the new online search engines and resources available to students, I like how you mentioned the importance of the FSU Library and online databases. I still believe in the importance of a library for students and teaching them to how to search for books and find information. It’s an important skill we have been losing sight of. I am going to make sure to keep the library alive with my students.


  2. I agree that while the internet is “right at your fingertips” not all information is credible so it is best to be wary of the information you are trying to find. And I myself am a visual learner as well and the concept maps a big help and are something I will be using in my future classroom.


  3. I agree with using virtual tours as a resource for students. I think that the online aspect of touring a museum might engage them more than going to a museum in real life would.


  4. Virtual tours was one of my favorite aspects as well! Since we cannot actual take students to a different country I think that online tours are a great way for them to be able to picture the setting they are learning about without actually going there. I also loved what you said about books being found online!


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