Microsoft Word: no longer so simple

Throughout my years of schooling I have mainly used Microsoft word to write countless essays, book reports, poems, study guides etc. MS Office allows me to easily produce assignments and I often use it to take notes in my bigger lecture classes. Teachers of mine have used MS Office to send home newsletters, post assignments and for notes. Chapter 9 gave shows me ways in which I can incorporate tables to organize and better present information to my students. This makes learning easier and teaching more organized. Also, I can effectively insert hyperlinks to websites that will help expand my students’ knowledge and resources.

After listening to the podcast I learned that Copyrights and fair use materials could sometimes be confusing. Like the speaker, I also didn’t know that when I put audio into power points for school I am actually doing that illegally. In high school I was under the impression that anything without the little CR for copyright was available for my usage, but after watching the podcast I realized I was very wrong. No matter the purpose you are using the material for, people should be credited for their hard work. As a teacher, I will begin the year by telling my students the legal way through assignments and give them a basic assignment on how to complete papers, citations and other projects correctly. I will try to minimize the incorrect use of copyright through projects and lessons so no one is discredited.

After this week, I have better learned how to incorporate files, make a correct permission slip and have figured out creative ways to send information out to students and parents. I have extreme struggle with mail merge and still and having difficulty with it. I think that if I am able to improve on it I will find it more useful, but as of right now I do not understand it and find it hard to execute properly. The skills I learned in making a newsletter will be very helpful since I am trying to pursue younger grades. Kids love pictures and colors so it allows me to get creative for the simplest of things throughout teaching.

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One thought on “Microsoft Word: no longer so simple

  1. I can definitely agree that I was unaware of the depth of copyright until watching the Copyright and fair uses video. My teachers had always attempted to teach us about the importance of understanding copyright laws but I guess we needed more practice with it. I like your idea of incorporating assignments that go along with copyright and plagiarism.
    And btw I LOVE your newsletter. It looks absolutely amazing and I wish mine looked that good!


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