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My name is Tiffani Colacurcio and I am a freshman here at Florida State. My prior experiences using technology are pretty basic. I recently took a computer literacy class online here at Florida State which gave me the basic ability to format Excel spreadsheets and create a fully functioning PowerPoint with timed slides and graphics. This class has given me a baseline for using technology, but since I have not applied these skills anywhere outside of the class I do not remember them in detail.

I am hoping that this class will provide me with the skills to use different forms of technology, which I can then use in a future classroom to better interact with my students and help them to reach their full potential. I believe that we should grow with technology and that it should be readily available for us. These newer generations are consumed by technology, so I figure It’d be best to adapt to it and be able to connect with our students through technology. 

This learning survey showed me many things on how I would best learn. I found out that I am active, sensing, visual, and sequential learner. My scores indicated that I am very much so active and visual and moderately sensing and sequential. Active learners retain information best by talking about what they have learned,”Let’s try it out and see how it works” is an active learner’s phrase. Studying in groups can help active learners as well. Sensing learners like learning facts, tend to be more practical and careful than intuitors, and Sensors don’t like courses that have no apparent connection to the real world. Visual learners remember best what they see–pictures, diagrams, flow charts, time lines, films, and demonstrations. Being in college inhibits me as a visual learning because of the prominence put on lectures, so by drawing lines with arrows between concepts to show connections or color coating my notes I can help improve my learning. Finally, a sequential learner tends to gain understanding in linear steps, with each step following logically from the previous one. Logic is how we mainly find the answers to our questions and learn from them.

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  1. When I first started using Excel and PowerPoint, I didn’t remember them in detail either. It is easier to just remember the stuff that’s useful to you instead of trying to hold in too much information. Good luck!


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